Kurayashi Reo

Digital art artist in TokyoRimpaClub.
・2024 modern art exhibition selected

He produces digital works on a daily basis and, like other artists, leaves the printing to the chief. He communicates with the chief on their PCs because lives far place.

He creates his works by cutting out people and places he encounters while strolling around Tokyo from his unique perspective. In particular, his TEG series, which depicts women he met in various places in Tokyo, is a series of bold compositions of only backgrounds and portraits facing the written word, which not only attracts him about people, but also represents his approach to how artwork should be created.

Tokyo women express their uniqueness and sometimes homogenization in their fashion, which is very impressive to the artist. It also strongly determines the impression of Tokyo.
And enchanted by the timeless beauty of these two-dimensional artworks, Ethan felt a stirring within him—an urge to create, to capture the essence of life in a similar fashion. With determination blazing in his heart, he embarked on a journey of artistic exploration unlike any other.

Tokyo Rimpa Club